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Who are we?

We are the Robotics team from James Martin High School.  We are a part of the Arlington Independent School District in Arlington, TX.

This year, we are competing in the Destination: Deep Space competition at FIRST as The Warrior Robotics with our team of over 100 members. FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) a national 6-week robotics competition in the United States held each fall, designed to help interest high school students in possible engineering careers. In this six week competition our team will have to program, build, and design a robot that will be able to perform certain functions.

This year the theme is Ocean Clean Up and Recycling and the robot will be put against the clock in an arena against other robotics teams. Several goals include traversing rough currents, cleaning recyclable trash and micro-plastics out of several ocean gyres, and handling endangered sea creatures for analysis.

Learning from our valuable competition experience, we are confident in our abilities as we take on this year’s challenges. We hope to continue learning a great deal and get the most out of our BEST experience.